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Chicago Daily Law Bulletin “Federal Courts” Column 30 Years

Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, “Federal Courts” Column.  Jay Judge has written his bi-monthly “Federal Courts” column for the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin for over 30 years discussing Federal Civil Procedure and Federal Rules of Evidence cases and the federal courts in Illinois (7th Circuit Court of Appeals and District Court opinions of the Northern District, Central District and Southern District), applying Illinois substantive law in diversity of citizenship cases.

On the pages that follow are two representative samples of the “Federal Courts” column, as follows:

(1) “Expert’s opinion in case lacks scientific methodology,” discussing a 7th Circuit Court of Appeals case, Bielskis v. Louisville Ladder, Inc., 668 F.3d 887 (7th Cir. 2011), finding an expert’s opinion inadmissible under Rule of Evidence 702 and Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharm., Inc. Download PDF Document

(2)  “A word isn’t worth a thousand pictures:  court,” discussing the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals’ frustrations with lawyers who fail to provide:  (1) photos; (2) measurements; (3) diagrams in their Briefs to help the Court (in three prior opinions, the Court chastised lawyers for failing to use photos).  The case is Coffey v. Northeast Illinois Regional Commuter Railroad Corp. (Metra), 2007 WL 702807 (C.A. 7 (Ill.)). Download PDF Document

In complaining that “a word isn’t worth a thousand pictures,” the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals stated:

The case illustrates the curious and deplorable aversion of many lawyers to visual evidence and exact measurements (feet, inches, pounds, etc.) even when vastly more informative than a verbal description.  We have noted this aversion in previous cases (citing three cases) – once remarking that some lawyers think a word is worth a thousand pictures.

LINK 1: “Expert’s opinion in case lacks scientific methodology”

LINK 2:  “A word isn’t worth a thousand pictures: court”